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Superpäivä 2021: Use data and digitalization to build more personal relationships with your customers


We do business with humans, and data and digital tools present a way of engaging with people on a more personal level, says Rebecca Wright, Head of Marketing Innovation at Maersk. Join us at Differo’s Superpäivä on January 28th for Rebecca’s inspiring keynote speech!

Talking to Rebecca, she admits to feeling very passionate about a variety of topics that range from digitalization to truly understanding the customer – and to seeing the people behind the business.

– Everybody you sell to is a human being who wants to feel cared about, whether they work for a small or a big company. Everybody wants to be treated like a person. I have long had an ambition that we should forget business to business and start talking about business to humans, Rebecca emphasizes.

A. P. Moller - Maersk, the world’s largest shipping and logistics company, has been going through a change in recent years, as they switch from purely shipping goods to integrating services to help customers across their supply chains. This value-adding, more customer-oriented approach is at the core of Maersk’s use of data and digital opportunities.

Use your existing data to create true customer partnership

A cyber incident in the summer of 2017 led Rebecca to understand the amount of data Maersk had collected and the value in it that they were not yet utilizing.

– What companies and marketing teams need to see is what is already available within the company that they are not yet making good use of. That data can be used to either package up and offer something new to a customer, or to better help a customer.

Maersk has gathered a huge amount of knowledge just from their daily operations of shipping goods. That knowledge can be used to give valuable advice and help customers through challenging times, which creates a true feeling of partnership.

– In the past 4–5 months, we have been guiding many SME customers through the challenges Brexit may bring. Even though we don’t have a solution available for them to buy from us directly, we want to build a relationship with them by offering advice. At the beginning of COVID-19, we could give our customers a view of what the likely problems were going to be and how they needed to plan their businesses around the restrictions. That created a lot of customer loyalty, describes Rebecca.

Digital marketing should feel like a personal and engaging conversation

2020 has changed customer behaviour and buying habits, but according to Rebecca, it is also changing how businesses work with their customers and do marketing. After almost a year of living with a global pandemic, working digital has become the norm.

– The pandemic has accelerated something that has been coming for a long time. People are becoming more comfortable with being online themselves and thus see more opportunities in digitalization.

Building a personal relationship online and using data to do that is one of the key elements of future success for businesses, Rebecca believes.

– I often talk about the ambition of websites; when you come to a website you should feel like it only has one page, but that page is built for you. Marketing and digital should make a customer feel like being in a conversation. The days of mass communicating will go very quickly, and therefore it is the companies that understand their own data and get value from it that will succeed.

Dare to experiment – try, fail, and try again

Superpäivä 2021 brings you inspiring conversations from the world of B2B marketing – including the much-awaited keynote speech from Rebecca Wright herself.

– I will be very happy to talk about areas where we have tried and failed and tried again, and how that has changed my thinking on what the future looks like. My key message is that we need to get more comfortable with experimenting and starting before we know the answer. If we don’t do that, marketing will go back to responding to requests, when we really could be applying our skills and intelligence to what should be done, Rebecca concludes. 


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Superpäivä 2021: Use data and digitalization to build more personal relationships with your customers

Read blog and sign up to Differo’s Superpäivä 2021 to hear more about Rebecca Wright’s thoughts on the future of B2B marketing!

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